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Why Choose X-Operative TAB®


If you are a Cx or TAB operative, supervisor or TAB firm then get excited about the new X-Operative TAB® iPad app.

The new X-Operative TAB® productivity tool provides a Faster, Smarter and Easier way to conduct your Cx and TAB work, and has been carefully designed by commissioning and balancing operatives just like you. We have personal experience when it comes to the things which can frustrate technicians on site, and this is why it has been designed with the field technician in mind FIRST.

It’s the little things we have built into the app which can make a big difference to your work day,  like the colour scheme, which is easy on the eyes even when working in a poorly lit plantroom. Then there is the way that a first time technician can intuitively find their way around the app without having to read the user manual. You can literally download it and start work !

X-Operative TAB® is a collaborative project with industry, and is the inevitable result of 3 years of market research into best practice Cx/TAB methods across various markets. Our development team includes a strong mix of industry specialists, applications developers, Cx/TAB firms and field testers.

Whatever your current method of data collection and field testing then X-Operative TAB® can save you time, frustration and money with its innovative and user friendly approach to field testing and balancing.


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Find Out How X-Operative TAB Can Make A Difference!


Why You Need X-Operative TAB

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Features Right Out Of The Box.

Here are some of the features we think you will like:

  • Select from 25 configurable industry standard reports
  • Selectable test fields, means you only send to the customer what you want them to see
  • Imperial and Metric units of measurement and just about everything in between
  • Well structured equipment test screens
  • Automatic traverse test calculator features the following:
    • Equal area and log methods
    • Rectangular and circular ductwork
    • Automatic or user set insertion points
  • Unique balancing test provides the following powerful features:
    • View and conduct your proportional balance in 3 different ways
    • The balancing assistant guides the technician through an "index" or "top to bottom" balance method, eliminating guess work
    • Import your customers prints and drawings then overlay your active balance right over the top
    • Don't have a print?, or working on an old system with no documentation? then sketch your own system and overlay your active balance
    • Automatic calculation of volumetric air flows from velocity
    • Automatic calculation of volumetric water flows from Cv or Kv coefficients and pressures
  • Final customer reports can be generated and sent to your customer via email in seconds
  • Final report rendering supports PDF or save to iPad photo library
  • The companion web app enables firms to customize company details and logo's directly from a web browser, making the product truely your own
  • Add certification details including stamps and certification numbers to final reports.
  • Manage your instrumentation inventory and keep track of calibration dates
  • Synchronize your field test data to the X-Operative cloud and share with your team.
  • Reduce your admin burden and double handling of field test data
  • Eliminate your reliance on paper test sheets and generic spreadsheets
  • In app industry support enables you to access manufacturers data, calibration firms and support documentation from our partner companies.

Have we missed something? We are always looking for new ways to enhance the product, so if you would like to see the app do something its not, then simply email us for consideration (chances are someone else feels the same way!)

We are listening......


Here's What People Are Saying About X-Operative TAB®


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Making my life Easier!

"I have been using XOperative for a month now, and the first thing I have noticed is that I'm not carrying around truckloads of paper. Everything I need is right there on the iPad. Having all my prints ready to go and uploaded to the app means that I can balance my systems so much faster, and getting my reports to the customer in a few seconds after finishing my work is keeping everyone happy on some difficult projects"

Robert Keane, Olsen Environment

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