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Is XOperative TAB® Available Now?

X-Operative TAB Rev 2.0 will be available on the Apple App store from the 28th of April 2016. Currently we are offering a free, no obligation, 3 month trial period. (This can be done through this sites “contact us” page). Simply request to become a free agent and we will get you started.

Why is X-Operative TAB® Only Available On iPad?

As a startup we have had to use our money wisely, our budget has restricted us from going to Android users for now. So no we don’t have anything against Android or Microsoft! Watch this space....

 iPads Are Expensive

Depending on your budget, yes I guess they are. However, as any good business owner knows, purchasing any capital equipment is all about return on investment.  Take a look at your current stock of TAB equipment, what's the cheapest item you have? Whats the most expensive? When you consider the iPad will be an instrument you will use every day, then the price really does pale into insignificance. Think of all the paper, gas and time you will save taking your TAB workflow digital. Add up all the double handling of data you do, and the cost of all that admin time. All this adds up to money you now do not need to spend. Based on our estimates, if you haven’t paid off the iPad in 2 months then we would be very surprised!

What if my iPad Gets Stolen or Is Broken?

Protecting any of your equipment is critical, like locking up your ladders and securing tool boxes after your days’ work . We understand that an iPad is attractive to would be thieves. There are however some practical steps you can take to avoid theft. Firstly ensure the device is engraved in large font on the front and the back so that anyone picking it up can see that it has your name on it (Apple can actually engrave the product for you). Secondly utilizing a pouch on your belt so that you are not leaving it lying around is a good next step. During our testing we utilize a combination of belt pouch and lanyard (Not dissimilar to carrying around your manometer). Also make sure "find my iphone" is set up on the device so that you can find the device if it is lost or stolen. We also highly recommend the use of a protective cover. No iPad should go to a building site without its own PPE! We use the “lifeproof” range of covers for our iPads. They also include optional shoulder and hand straps.

 What Happens if I Don’t Have A 4G iPad?

This isn’t a problem. As long as you can eventually get to a wifi hot spot your data will be uploaded and synchronized with the X-Operative® Cloud. You can even tether your iPad to your phone (if your phone has this functionality) and you can use your phone as the link between the iPad and the internet.

 You Say That The App Utilizes Standard Industry Reports. What does this actually mean?

From the beginning we realized that it is important that the Cx/TAB reports provide to customers all the information expected by the industry. Given NEBB’s strong global industry presence and well documented report standards the app has been based on their report pro-formas.

I have TABB  certification, does this preclude me from using the app?

Absolutely not. Although the final test reports are based around the NEBB procedural manual, you will find that they are consistent with other certifying standards such as TABB and NBC. If however you find that there are test fields missing or you would like to see some tests we haven't thought of then please contact us. (Don't forget that the standard reports are configurable which means you can create your own test fields as required.)

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions that are not covered here, then please Send us a message